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Friday, January 28, 2005


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I haven't had internet access for a while. Three weeks ago, I moved from my parents house to an apartment on the other side of town together with two friends. We just got our internet installed and now, finally, life's back to normal again.

We're throwing a house warming party tonight for all our common and uncommon friends, it's gonna be a riot. 30 people are coming, I hope we don't disturb the neighbours.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


When I was a kid, my family and I used to go on vacations during the summer together with another family who I will not name here out of respect. I haven't spoken with any of them for a few years now, but my mom and dad still keep in touch with them. Thing is, they were in Phuket, Thailand when the wave hit.

I feel so bad for the kids in that family. There's Niclas, one year younger than me, and his two older sisters. They lost their father not even six months ago to cancer. And now, after this tsunami, their mother is missing. I can't even imagine what it would be like to loose both your parents within six months at the age of 19.

They must feel so powerless. Both of their parents passed away prematurely for causes they had no control over; cancer took their father and a tsunami took their mother. It's horrible. If it happened to me I would be so angry. So sad and so very, very angry. And with nowhere to direct that anger. You can't beat up a tidal wave, and you can't kill cancer for vengeance. I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

I hope things work out for Niclas. I hope he gets on with his life and goes out to get an education and be successful. Instead of sitting at home wallowing in sorrow.

If you want to donate money to the victims of the tidal wave, you can do so through the Swedish red cross foundation.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I updated my blog design with a Google AdSense banner. I figured with all the traffic I'm getting I could really make some profit. Or maybe not.

Anyway I think it looks cool, so it'll probably stay up there for a while.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

House & Take That

The semester is over and this is the first weekend in what feels like forever when I don't have to study. It's great, all I do is play videogames and bug my friends. Exams are finally over and I'm feeling good.

To celebrate, me and some of my friends decided to go out to get drunk and behave like idiots. We went to campus where our Student Union Body was organizing a party for all the students at KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology). What can I say, this time didn't differ much from the other times the students of KTH have tried to throw a party together. Meaning the girl/boy-ratio was somewhere around 1/3 and the only availible beverage was cheap swedish beer.

There was a dancefloor though, where the DJ was playing some horrible early 90's hits which - oddly enough - people really seemed to like. The floor was crowded with people trying to hook up and off in a corner next to the DJ booth there was this really whack wannabe b-boy getting jiggy all by himself.

I have to admit though - I was dancing too. The DJ started playing Eric Prydz and I just couldn't resist it, whenever I'm out partying I can't help myself when I hear that hip house music. The DJ kept pumping house for atleast an hour or so after Call on Me and I was really enjoying myself. Even if he was playing some whack Alcazar remix I didn't stop dancing as long as the beat was fast and the bass was cranked all the way up. I love house. It should be a crime to play anything but if you're running a club.

House hour didn't last forever though. After what felt like no time at all the DJ put on his Take That Classics collection again. Making it clear to me and my friends it was time to leave.

The bus ride home was something else. I love the late night bus rides on weekends, specially when you're drunk. And it's even better when you're riding with friends who are even more drunk than you.

I was riding with Viktor. When we got on the bus we met this bunch of cute girls who had been in the grade below us when we went to high school. Viktor started talking to them in that lovely manner every boy talks to a girl when he's happy and drunk. I however - also drunk but not quite as talkative - just sat back and listened to all the bullshit the people around me was telling each other. Drunk people talking to eachother is really one of the most interesting things you'll ever hear; you'd never hear a guy ask a girl he just met what size her bra is if it wasn't for alcohol.

There were alot of teenage boys on that bus, and they were all trying to get on the good side of that gang of cute girls. Guys younger than you trying to hit on girls is really one of the most amusing and at the same time discouraging things you can hear. In one way you're laughing at them for beeing so crude and unsmooth; and at the same time you're crying your eyes out because you know, in more than just one way, you're still the same pathetic looser as those guys...

Anyway, it was a pretty good night, and I'm looking forward to another one tomorrow when I'm going out with my TKD-group to celebrate our newly earned grades.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Evil Nine Crooked Video

Evil Nine Crooked Video

Yeah, new Evil Nine video featuring Aesop Rock. It's a kinda boring video actually, but the song is great. Really great.

Anyway, the VGA 2004 aired on Spike! last night. I failed to catch the show but I checked out the results on their homepage today. I must say I'm kinda surprised. Sure, GTA: San Andreas is a good game, but it ain't that good. The overall turnout though was pretty much as expected, nothing majorly chocking and all in all pretty fair.

Got exams in calculus tomorrow, so I really should be studying instead of blogging hip hop videos. I'll bring you an update tomorrow, or the day after.


Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dragon Fli Empire

These guys are an emcee & DJ duo from Calgary, Canada who have recently released their first album Conquest and are currently working on a second album Invasion. I found out about them through their blog and downloaded some of their music at soundclick. Basically, they're great.

I'd recommend them to anyone who's into hip hop. So if you are, be sure to check out their website at http://www.dfempire.net/.

Irresponsible me

After having been up to 04:00 last night studying calculus I got up at noon today and went to school to meet some friends and study for the environmental physics exam coming up this monday. Since I don't have my busspass anymore I borrowed my dad's volvo and drove it to the train station where I left it in the parking lot.

Physics isn't fun. There's just no logic to it, atleast none that I can see. It's not like in mathematics were most of the time you can easily see the relation between different formulae, and if you can't there's always a proof availible to convince you. Everything in physics - atleast in the thermodynamics we're studying right now - is just so irratic and unprecise, and never representative for what would happen in reality. Screw physics. I don't want to take this exam.

When we got tired of studying I invited myself over to my sister's apartment for dinner. It was nice. I, my sister and her boyfriend sat down to eat and talk about nothing for a couple of hours before I had to leave to meet Daniel and Caroline at a coffee house three subway stations away in Gamla Stan. We ended up at what seemed to be an all lesbian-café with girls holding hands and gazing deep into each others eyes at every table but ours, which was kind of cool actually.

Anyway, I, Caroline and Daniel (and possibly one more guy, Björne) are going to move in together on januari 1:st in an apartment south of town which we are subletting from a woman who had to move to Göteborg for a couple of years. It's a real nice apartment; 108 square meters large with two floors and five rooms plus a large balcony - I'm looking forward too it. Feels good to finally be leaving my parent's and stand on my own two feet.

Apart from the lesbians, it's been a very quiet evening. After the café we met up with another friend, Mikael, and went over to Björn's place for a while before going home.

On my way home though, I got a quite unpleasant surprise. Remember I parked my car next to the train station? Yeah, I got a parking ticket. A parking ticket for 450 SEK, which basically leaves me broke until december 25:th. That just sucks. Seems like I'll have to dig in to my savings account if I want to buy any christmas gifts.

I wonder why, all of the sudden, I've just been so damn unlucky. First I get my stuff stolen while working out, then I get a parking ticket in a parking lot I've never seen anybody get a ticket in before. Maybe it's some divine power's way of telling me I'm still just an irresponsible little brat who can't handle having a credit card or a drivers license. Maybe I'm beeing prepared for all the shit that's gonna happen to me when I move away from home and don't have mom and dad to rely on anymore. Maybe it's just bad luck. Whatever, hope the trend doesn't continue.

No math lesson today, I'm to stuck on physics

Thursday, December 09, 2004

F to da shizz-IT

- Wait, did he just say shit?
- Naw. Shizzit!
- Oh.

Been to TKD-practice today and it was tough! Hardest workout ever and it was all legs (okay, some abs but not very much in comparison). My thighs and my butt are so numb I'm not even going to be able to walk tomorrow morning. We focused on legs last tuesday too, so I figured we'd probably take it easy today. I guess my boo sabunim (assistant coach) figured differently. It feels good though. I like the hard workouts, you can tell they're really having effect. My thighs are looking good, and my pectoralis are coming in nicely. Overall I'm just in much better shape then when I started this Taekwon-Do thing roughly six months ago, I've even gotten better posture. Who would've thought, working out is actually good for you.

Update on the theft: I went to the bank today and asked them to give me a new credit card. When I got there and explained to the guy what had happened he showed me my account balance, and I discovered someone bought train- and movietickets for a sum of 800 SEK. That someone wasn't me. Turns out the fuckface thief found the time to go to both an internet café and a train station to use my credit card a total of five times before I was able to call the bank and report it stolen. Anyway, the guy at the bank was really nice and helped me fill in the necessary forms. He also promised me I would get all my money back and told me I shouldn't worry. Real nice guy actually, when he saw Microsoft Online Services deducting 70 SEK from my account he asked me about video games. Turns out he had an Xbox too and we started talking about Halo 2's live-play. They should hire gamers in service professions by quotas; the world would be a better place.

Despite having 800 SEK less to shop christmas gifts for I'm finding myself in a very good mood today. And I have no idea why. I should be totally stressed out by exams in calculus and environmental physics coming up next week, and totally irritable from having all my stuff taken from me (I feel so naked without my watch!). But I'm not; neither stressed or irritable. I'll just try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Todays math-lesson
(Category: Calculus)
The limit of sinx/x when x approaches 0 is 1. A simple looking limit that is very complicated to prove. Atleast for someone of my skill. It will probably be good to remember next thursday when I'm taking the calculus exam.